A lifelong member of the African community in  Miami Valley Ohio, Dr. Funso Oluyitan, popularly known as “Baba Ase” has published a book, titled: Combatting Corruption at the Grassroots Level in Nigeria (Springer, 2017). 
This new publication examines the history, layers, and causes of corruption in Nigeria along with public oath taking as an anticorruption strategy.
 The book, by Dr. Oluyitan, a graduate of the distinctive Antioch Leadership and Change Program examines social, political, and economic causes of corruption in Nigeria, tracing how corruption has evolved from the colonial period to the present day. 

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   Africa Yesterday and Today: ISBN 978-1-4259-6744-4

  • Do you know that Africa is a continent of 55 countries? 

  • Do you know that Africa’s population, over 880 million, is the second largest of all continents?

  • Do you know that Africaaccounts for about a quarter of the land area of the world?


Read about the original settlers, and the first European invaders.

Read about the struggles for independence by each country.

Read about the indigenous government of each country after independence.

Read about the surge of military governments in most of the independent countries.

Read about the resurgence of democracy in Africa.

(The son of a Luo man from Kenya is now the President of the USA)

“Africa Yesterday and Today is a brilliantly conceived book that offers teachers, students, and general publica unique comparative tool for thinking about and judging African countries,” writes Professor Ebere Onwudiwe, director, Center for African Studies, CentralStateUniversity, Wilberforce, Ohio.

  In commemoration of The Black History Month, American and International communities gathered at the Dayton Cultural and RTA Center in February 2007 and at Agura Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, months later for the launching of an African history book authored by Dr. Funso Oluyitan    , executive director of ASE African Centered, Dayton, Ohio.
Titled Africa Yesterday and Today, the chief launcher, Professor Samuel Adebonojo, retired chief of surgery at Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Dayton, described the book as an insight into the history of the 55 African countries.
According to the author, Africa Yesterday and Today deals with the history of each country from the original settlers, followed by the European invasion, rule and struggle for independence, the surge of military governments and the present governments.
A brilliantly conceived book that offers teachers, students and the general public precise information about African countries, the history of each country is written in less than three pages for easy and faster reading.

Dr. Funso Oluyitan autographs books.


In this book, you will read about the 56 African countries. Each history begins with the original settlers followed by the European invasion and rule. You will read about the countries' struggle for independence, indigenous governments after independence, the emergence of military governments, followed by democracy as practiced in Africa today.

Published by Author House ISBN 978-1-7283-0494-651399.