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This Association of Nigerians against Corruption (ANAC) is about corruption and efforts to combat it at the grass-roots level in Nigeria. The American Heritage College Dictionary (1993) defines corruption as an act “marked by immorality and perversion; d

TV Program

Over the years , ANAC has conducted several TV sermons on anti-corruption to help address this epidemic in our society



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Anti-Corruption Crusade in Nigeria


 The Association of Nigerians Against Corruption (ANAC) was founded at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria in June 1984 by Dr. Funso Oluyitan. Dr Oluyitan had been a member of anti-corruption crusade since 1957 when he joined the Nigerian League of Bribes Corner headquartered in Yaba, Lagos. 


After a successful four year campaign against corruption in Nigeria, from 1984 to 1988, ANAC was forced underground. 


At the insurgence of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, ANAC surfaced again, incorporated under the Allied Matters Acts of 1990 at the Federal Republic of Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission as a Company Limited by Guarantee. ANAC is also registered in the State of Ohio, USA. In 2001 ANAC was re-launched at Abuja. ANAC and Leadership Institute Nigeria, Jos are now conducting International Seminars on Contemporary Leadership Strategies for students’ leaders of Nigerian Universities. For more information go to: You can also view a six minutes clip about ANAC on  ANACLI channel


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